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Stuart Millard is selling himself to bits

March 11, 2013

That’s right, no more original content for you yet, you greedy sods (I’m so sorry, it’s coming, I promise, please don’t leave). But it’s writing-related, at least. A friend of mine has a book out, which you can purchase on the Kindle or the FREE KINDLE APP FOR ALL PLATFORMS SO YOU’VE GOT NO EXCUSE for a steal, in both the UK and the US.

You might wonder why I’m plugging someone else’s stuff, and I’m pleased to inform you it’s not just so he’ll rig the poster of the year poll on the forum I post on where he’s a moderator. No, it’s because he’s working his fingers to the bone plugging the damn thing, all while still giving a shit about whether said plugging might actually upset the more fickle among his fragile, hard-earned fanbase. I know this because he’s written a brilliant and terrifying blog post on that very subject, detailing exactly how much financial jeopardy he’s in and how much he’s relying on this book to make him some – any – money. This is pretty fucking vital.

He’ll probably be dreadfully embarrassed by all this, as he often is whenever anyone so much as acknowledges his existence, but I don’t care. He needs a leg up, and I figured the nine views this post will get might just help. So read his blog, then buy his book. Then buy his other books. He both needs and deserves it.

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  1. March 11, 2013 23:06

    Oh, you ❤

    Appreciate it.

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