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My email to Stephen Dorrell, MP

March 10, 2012


You might be aware that there’s a bill working through the political system right now that will quite probably tear the NHS apart. Ben Goldacre has blogged about it, and has also quite rightly Tweeted that if you don’t write to your MP to try and stop it, you have no right to moan in a few years when the NHS can’t cure your horrible illness.

So I wrote to mine. Here’s what I said:

“Dear Mr. Dorrell,

I am deeply concerned about the repercussions of the Health and Social Care Bill. After reading all material available on the subject, I have concluded that the Bill will, in a number of ways, severely harm patient care, and that if the NHS is structurally and ideologically compromised in this way, it could eventually collapse entirely. It would certainly never match the vision with which it was initially founded.

I realise I am swimming upstream here, as you’re a lifelong Conservative and have shown no signs of wavering on that front, but I implore you – do what you can to stop this bill. It is not supported. The public is against it. The majority of health institutions are against it. Doctors and nurses are against it. It will do irreparable damage to the NHS and it could quite conceivably cause people to die who otherwise might live.

Your party’s election slogan claimed that you would “cut the deficit, not the NHS”. Whatever else you might do, please keep your promises.

Yours sincerely,

Charles Wheeler”

Please write to your MP as well. You can do it here.

Follow-up to my email to my MEP will be blogged later, when I have time.

Love for you all (if you write to your MP)



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