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Another experiment!

January 9, 2012

Right. Trying something new. Much like the wonderful Neil Gaiman does on his blog, I’m going to post more things about me! I had originally intended to avoid this, because I’m not famous and it very well may be the case that nobody cares what I do, but having thought about it, I figure if anybody’s offended by the idea of me doing things in my life, the last thing they’ll be doing is reading my blog. Except perhaps to scoff in disgust. In which case, they’ll probably appreciate the extra content.

So! I have been doing things. On Friday, me and the missus (who blogs here) had a day out at my particular favourite Leicestershire landmark, Bradgate Park. We did a bit of Geocaching (look it up, it was on the One Show once), had some lunch (which ended up being the first of two meals I had that day featuring chilli – I’M NOT SORRY), then went for a more scenic walk through the park. The wildlife was out in full force, which is one of my favourite things about the place – the fact that I can see wild deer just a few miles away from my house. If you’re anywhere in Leicestershire, it’s a necessary pilgrimage a few times a year. Naomi got some spectacular photos, which I believe she intends to blog sometime soon, but here’s one of my own efforts from my phone:


Hope that works. I’m writing this from the WordPress Android app, so if that or anything else cocks up, that’s probably why.

On to Saturday, where we were fortunate enough to be given a couple of spare tickets to Leicester Tigers vs London Wasps. Having been unable to afford a Tigers season ticket this time around, it was very nice to be able to get down to Welford Road, and even nicer to see Tigers get a comfortable, if unspectacular, win. I can’t help but feel we’ll be well in the mix by the time the playoffs roll around.

I’m told this app has trouble with multiple photos, but on the off-chance that it can handle it, here’s the view from our seats:


Lovely. We were actually higher up than it looks, but not too far away to see Wasps (and ex-Tigers) winger Tom Varndell painfully fiddling with his family jewels after a collision with Geordan Murphy. Takes a lot to slow the guy down, but I think we may be onto something there…

Sunday happened, but for me, it was just a countdown to Sherlock. Predictably enough, it continued to make everything else on television look silly with superb writing, acting, effects, editing and pretty much everything else one may care to mention. That it’s managed to grow so much since its (excellent) first series is testament to Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’ ability to advance stories and give fictional proceedings such a sense of scale (see also: Who, Doctor).

That’ll do for now. More of these to come, I’m sure.


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