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A bunch of people you should follow on Twitter, Part 1

January 9, 2012

After thinking I’d lost this whole thing on the WordPress app last night, I discovered it was saved on here! Thank christ. Let’s proceed.

Those of you on Twitter probably know of Follow Friday, the hashtag gimmick people use to give kudos to their tweeters of choice (or, in some slightly irritating cases, EVERYONE THEY FOLLOW OVER ABOUT A HUNDRED TWEETS), with the idea being that it’s suggestions of whom others should follow (hence why SUGGESTING EVERYONE YOU FOLLOW IS SO POINTLESS). Anyway, I used to do it, and tried to be creative with it, explaining why I thought these people were worth a follow, but I usually forget these days, so I’m archiving some of them here instead. In this first part, I shall detail some people you may not have heard of, but who frequently brighten my day by being hilarious. So here we go. It’s Follow Tuesday. Follow Blog. Thing Where I Tell You Who To Pay Attention To. Enjoy!

Part 1: People who aren’t famous but are funny
First up has to be ncguk, whose near-libellous multi-tweet-spanning mini-epic tales of whatever public figure has made an arse of themselves that particular morning are a thing to behold (a particular favourite of mine was the one where Ed Milliband walked round refusing to condemn strikes, people, hot drinks, and various objects in his office).

In a similar vein of humour is October Jones, who, among other things, draws pictures and leaves them on trains. Which doesn’t sound funny. But it is. See:

This is on a slide-out tray. Great!

Also, this:

How anyone could possibly object to this is beyond me.

There’s a lot more to him than that, but images make my posts look swanky, so I picked those, even though they may not represent my point particularly well. I’m WordPress’ answer to the Metro. Or something.

NEXT! Next is a man after my own heart – a hidden gem of writing talent who also enjoys critiquing the finer points of men in tights pretending to fight, and who yet still manages to be cooler than you in most conceivable ways (it’s like looking in a non-physical, slightly socially unacceptable mirror!). I refer, of course, to the brilliant franticplanet. What’s not to love about him? He obsesses over films, he relentlessly pursues the affections of Ellen Page, he spent the whole summer on a beach writing down every bizarre thing that he saw purely for your entertainment, he once read Jimmy Saville’s entire mental autobiography just so he could pick out the most disturbing and hilarious bits purely for your entertainment, and he has a picture of that guy who was forced to eat his own beard as his Twitter background. Oh, and his brilliant, brilliant books are available on the Kindle (or the COMPLETELY FREE Kindle app that’s available on almost every form of recent technology including all computers) for LUDICROUSLY low prices, not to mention his Tumblr of completely free comics. Seriously, have you ever been presented with so much for so little? He’s like Daniel Bryan, having great matches on every WWE TV show. He’s like Shawn Michaels, forcing himself to bleed every week just because HE LOVES DOING IT SO MUCH. He gives you more content than I do, and it’s always great. Follow him and buy all his stuff. And tell him how great he is. And tell Ellen Page how great he is.

To wrap up this category:

– Pre-School Gems tweets wonderful crap kids say

– Angry Shop Man tweets wonderful crap HIS kid says among bile about the customers in his shop

– Ed Milibot is persistently malfunctioning

LDN_Rant and blogstrop, of the Rant and Dick podcast, vent their rage frequently and swearily. Also, the legal troubles they’ve had over their blog beautifully illustrate how much clearer this county’s libel laws need to be.

Communist Dalek, Republican Dalek and Hipster Dalek rank among Twitter’s finest genocidal aliens

– Drunk Hulk is the Hulk, drunk

The 50p is a 50p

– Tweets of Old and Ads of Yore bring us oddities from the history of the printed word

– And finally, I Am North Korea posts prompt and forceful updates on the latest glorious activities of the DPRK. Including the real explanation of Kim Jong-Il’s so-called “death”.

There you go. Follow, laugh, thank me later. Next time: funny celebrities! Or not-specifically-funny celebrities! Or something else!

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