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Sunny Hundal spots the NHS being privatised, kindly warns us (unlike BBC, papers etc)

March 25, 2013

Hello. You may not be aware that the NHS will begin being privatised from next week with the hope that nobody will notice. Please notice. Please share that around everywhere you can. We could end up with a healthcare system run for private profit, which would be infinitely worse than the current system despite its problems (to which the press have given plenty of attention).


Stuart Millard is selling himself to bits

March 11, 2013

That’s right, no more original content for you yet, you greedy sods (I’m so sorry, it’s coming, I promise, please don’t leave). But it’s writing-related, at least. A friend of mine has a book out, which you can purchase on the Kindle or the FREE KINDLE APP FOR ALL PLATFORMS SO YOU’VE GOT NO EXCUSE for a steal, in both the UK and the US.

You might wonder why I’m plugging someone else’s stuff, and I’m pleased to inform you it’s not just so he’ll rig the poster of the year poll on the forum I post on where he’s a moderator. No, it’s because he’s working his fingers to the bone plugging the damn thing, all while still giving a shit about whether said plugging might actually upset the more fickle among his fragile, hard-earned fanbase. I know this because he’s written a brilliant and terrifying blog post on that very subject, detailing exactly how much financial jeopardy he’s in and how much he’s relying on this book to make him some – any – money. This is pretty fucking vital.

He’ll probably be dreadfully embarrassed by all this, as he often is whenever anyone so much as acknowledges his existence, but I don’t care. He needs a leg up, and I figured the nine views this post will get might just help. So read his blog, then buy his book. Then buy his other books. He both needs and deserves it.

Programme quest, volume 4

September 25, 2012

Very quick tonight. Got a lot of Harlequins signatures at the match on Saturday, including England captain Chris Robshaw. Didn’t get all the ones I needed, though. As I anticipated, it’s a really fucking difficult thing to be doing. You’d think that might put me off.


New story: Just

September 11, 2012

Making up for far too many non-story posts in a row, here’s one I’ve been sitting on for a while that I finished and brushed up the other day. Decided against including tags related to the subject matter. I’m sure you’ll see why.

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Programme quest, volume 3

September 11, 2012

I know, I know. More actual writing soon, I promise. Just a quick one to say that I’ve managed to nab a big signature in the form of Tigers captain Geordan Murphy. Photographic evidence will follow in a future post. I won’t mention the reasons I couldn’t get it in person to save the embarrassment of a large corporation who acted like dicks, but I would like to thank Kirk from the Leicester Tigers Store on Market Street, Leicester for helping me out in an hour of need. Go buy things from him and tell him how nice he is.

Volume 4 may or may not follow on Saturday – I’m off to Wembley for Tigers vs Saracens, and I’m about to try my luck at arranging some autograph-grabbing officially for a change. Hopefully I can get something sorted, because there are a lot of Saracens faces in the programme and the Wembley pitch isn’t the easiest place to reach. Especially from the middle tier.

Programme Quest, volume 2

August 21, 2012

Just a quick one. I went to the annual Matt Hampson 20/20 cricket day at Grace Road on Sunday, and got a bunch more autographs from all the Tigers players in attendance, past and present. Special mentions go to Tim Stimpson (because he was there, and I’m so glad he was, because I wouldn’t have had a clue how to get him otherwise), Toby Flood (very nice, very chatty, and reassuringly enthusiastic about the whole project), Ed Slater (also very nice) and George Chuter (for his commentary, which consisted of 3 solid hours of ripping on his teammates while they were trying to play cricket).

Also, I got a very rare chance to see the legendary Mike Gatting play, which was pretty special. On top of that, I ran into another infamous athlete whose autograph I actually needed for the programme, but she looked a bit off in a way I couldn’t quite put my finger on, so I thought I’d run it by you guys first.

What d’you think?


Programme Quest, Volume 1

July 18, 2012

If you don’t know what this is about, I explained earlier. Warning: this post will contain mainly photos and may be unsuitable for those craving text. If you just want words, read all the stories I’ve put on here. All of them. Except Little Changes, that wasn’t very good.

So! Today I began my Premiership Final Programme-Signing Quest with the Leicester Tigers away kit launch, and I managed to score a fairly decent five of the approximately 125 autographs I need, plus two extras: those of Julian Salvi, Ben Woods, Niall Morris, Craig Newby, Jordan Crane, Boris Stankovich and Tigers mascot Welford. I’m fairly pleased. It’s a humble beginning, but it’s a beginning. This has started. It’s started! Oh christ, now I’ve gotta finish it.

Here’s the photographic proof (which I’ll be trying to get for almost every set of autographs I get, for the purposes of both verification and FUN~!):

Stupid face

Me, proving that I own both the programme and a face.

Hang on a second this is not the queue for the toilet

Standing in the queue, looking so much of a goon that the people in front and behind have edged away.


This guy seemed to like me, though.

Hello could you tell me where the toilet is please

Chatting to Ben Woods…

Hydration Monitor Extraordinaire

… and Jordan Crane, who was very nice despite his obvious bad mood (the sign of a true gent)…

Before the kits in the background rose up and attacked us for making them baby blue

… and Boris Stankovich. All lovely.

And now, your first glimpse inside the hallowed sheets…

Not Jordan Crane's face

Jordan Crane, who doesn’t actually appear in the programme. Call it a bonus.

Ignore the guy on the right who's moved to Japan

Niall Morris (also not in the programme), Craig Newby, Julian Salvi, Boris Stankovich and Ben Woods.

So which one is you

And Welford, who can in fact hold a pen despite his giant, cumbersome, costume-like hands.

So there you have it. Genesis. My quest is begun.

EMERGENCY EDIT: Holy goodness, I forgot to credit my photographer. It was my other half, who runs a beauty blog that some of you may find very interesting and useful. She fills it with impossible amounts of content, all of which is far more practical than anything I have ever thought of, much less done.